Ready to fundraise?

Help transform the future for children with CASK gene disorders

Want to help make a difference to children and adults with CASK disorders? Join our team of inspirational fundraisers

Without your support, children will continue to suffer and parents will continue to despair. Money is sadly everything in the world of research. So please help us make the impossible possible.

Here at CASK Research Foundation we recognise the challenges of every day for our families. We know many want to help so we aim to make it achievable for every family, no matter their financial and personal circumstances

Download our fundraising pdf for step by step guidance on all our fundraising ideas. We can provide you with To Do Lists, Check Lists, promotional material, financial support (in certain circumstances).

Don't know where to start?


Coffee morning

Invite friends and family to your house for coffee, cake and socialising. A raffle also adds to the fun and helps raise extra funds. You could even invite someone to sell their wares at your event. They will give you a certain percentage of their profit.

Difficulty rating: 3

Clothes sale

Ask your friends to donate their second hand clothes and then have a fun evening/day selling them on. Make an evening of it with bubbles and music and even a stall selling goods – you can take a percentage of the profit! Or, if you have a little one why not sell your unwanted baby clothes and toys.

Difficulty rating: 6

Name the…

Whatever it is you choose, hold a simple guessing game at work, at your village fete, your school fair or at an after school group or evening class. Charge per entry and provide a percentage of the money raised as a prize or try to get one donated.

Difficulty rating: 1

Extreme adventure

If you’re feeling adventurous or energetic, why not try running your first 10K, completing an Ultra, doing an open water swim, a sponsored walk or even a horse ride and get sponsorship from friends and family? Or even better? Get a friend or family member to do the challenge themselves!

Difficulty rating: 7

Mufti day

Ask your child’s school if they would think about holding a non-uniform day for the Foundation. Download our Fast Facts sheet and send it to them so they can understand the impact their fundraiser will have. Note that most schools only hold a few non-uniform days a year and these are decided a year in advance.

Difficulty rating: 1

Bingo / Quiz night

A fun and relatively straight forward way to raise between £1000-£2000. Hire a local venue, charge people for entry and ensure you have some great raffle prizes to increase raffle ticket sales! Selling alcohol and nibbles increases profits hugely and, of course, ensure you have a hilarious compare to make for a night full of laughter.

Difficulty rating: 7

Get crafting

If you’re crafty, why not either sell your wares (always ask for a minimum donation rather than a set price) or invite your friends to learn your skills for a donation and a fun evening or afternoon!

Difficulty rating: 3-5

Raffle stall

Write to local or national companies (we can provide you with a template) requesting a donation for a raffle prize. Once you have hit the jackpot with some i(or just one) incredible prizes rent a stall at a village or school fair. Having our Fast Facts pamphlet and a banner will also increase awareness of CASK diseases.

Difficulty rating: 3

Get baking

Who doesn't like cake? Take something yummy into the office, evening class, school and ask for a donation per slice. Ensure you have our Fast Facts sheet to hand so people appreciate the great cause you are raising money for!

Difficulty rating: 2