What is CASK Research Foundation and how do we help?

Our objectives

  • To make grants available to enable scientists to study the CASK gene and its related disorders
  • To form partnerships with other charitable organisations
  • To promote world-leading scientific research

Our Social Aims

  • To support all families via an informative website
  • To facilitate annual family meetups in the UK
  • To enable families to obtain up to date information regarding the conditions

Our Approach

  • We seek funding using a variety of approaches from community fundraising to legacy giving
  • We have strict and fair criteria for research proposals and a rigorous review process
  • We have a first rate Research Review Committee ensuring only the finest research is conducted
  • We take advice from our scientific advisors
  • We participate in the annual CASK Awareness day
  • We collaborate with other CASK focused charities worldwide


What is the CASK gene?

CASK gene mutations cause two rare genetic conditions of the brain and are normally associated with microcephaly and a small cerebellum:

MICPCH (where the cerebellum and the pons are reduced in size) can have severe life-limiting consequences whilst XL-ID leads to learning difficulties and problems with movement and coordination. Most CASK patients are non-verbal, struggle to learn to walk, and many cannot feed themselves or learn basic life skills. Some suffer severe and frequent seizures that are not responsive to medical therapies.

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