Charities that can help our families

There are numerous charities in the UK that can assist families with a disabled child.

Scope – A national charity for the disabled. They provide a telephone helpline for support. They are the goto website and charity for providing help on how to ensure you get the help you are entitled to. They have useful template letters as well.

Mencap – A national charity for people with learning disabilities. They have a helpline and also list services that may be of help. Mencap also offer free seminars for families, such as how to ensure your child will be looked after financially in the future and the importance of making a will.

Disability union – “Our ambition at The Disability Union is to build a truly inclusive world. We believe that inclusion is a human right, which is why we work day in, day out to protect and enhance the lives of disabled people across the United Kingdom.”

Sense – They supports families with complex needs by, for example, delivering programmes that allow people to be active through meaningful and engaging local activities. 


Cerebra – They have a free toy loan library and a library for parent including lots of books about disability and complex needs

Meru – They provide switch adapted toys and also adapt toys to be switch adapted free of charge. They sell other toys and have a Bugzi (a children’s powered wheelchair) loan scheme.

Strong bones – Financial, emotional and practical support for families of disabled children with bone conditions. Children with scoliosis are eligible for support from this charity, which is mainly for grants for equipment.

Holidays or respite

Dreams come true– A national charity enabling children and young adults with serious or life-limiting conditions to have their dreams come true.

Make a wish foundation – Making wishes come true for children with serious illnesses. Several CASK families have visited Disney World with the foundation.

Camp Jojo – A camping holiday for families of children with complex needs and disabilities. Camp Jojo is a totally accessible camping experience with added support provided.

Strong bones – provide money for certain respite holidays.

Merlins Magic Wand – A single gifted day out for children to visit the local Merlin attraction of their choice. 

Medical support

UKIST – The UK Infantile Spasms Trust provides a network of support to families with children affected by infantile spasms. The charity offers a lifeline to anxious parents via its online community and family events.

ERIC – The national charity dedicated to improving children’s bowel and bladder health. This is the go to charity if you are struggling to mange your child’s constipation. There is a helpline as well a great online advice. 

Strong bones – Provides support and advice for those suffering from bone conditions including scoliosis.

Financial support

Family Fund – grants for families of disabled children to buy specialist equipment. It is for low income families.

Just for Children – If you are looking to fundraise for your child then you should use Just4children! This platforms enables Gift Aid collection whilst also promoting your fundraiser. There is absolutely no catch!