Families gather for annual meet

In July eight families from all over the UK met up at Worcester Snoezelen. It was a wonderful day with the children and their siblings enjoying the sensory rooms and soft play whilst the adults could chat. Conversations ranged from wheelchairs and feeding issues to transitioning into adult services and communication devices. Even though allContinue reading “Families gather for annual meet”

World Autism Acceptance Week

March 28th – April 3rd In aid of World Autism Acceptance Week we asked our medical advisor, Dr Laura Powling, some questions that had been on the minds of parents of CASK children: Can you have traits without having a diagnosis of autism? “Absolutely. Many children, young people and adults present with traits, but doContinue reading “World Autism Acceptance Week”

Five families meet for impromptu CASK gathering!

On Bank holiday Monday 2021 five CASK families gathered at Hobbledown Farm in Epsom. It was fantastic to actually manage a meet up, however small, after last year going without. For future meets, August Bank holiday Monday is the regular date. This year saw age ranges from just one year up to age 21. TheContinue reading “Five families meet for impromptu CASK gathering!”